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Ein Donut ist ein handtellergroßer amerikanischer/kanadischer Krapfen aus Hefeteig oder Rührteig. Die Form ist entweder ein Torus oder – seltener – ein abgeflachter Ballen, der häufig Schokolade oder eine andere süße Füllung enthält. Die Donuts für Backform sind schnell gemacht und schmecken sehr lecker. Dieses tolle Rezept kommt immer gut an. Die typisch amerikanischen Donuts kannst du jetzt auch ganz einfach selbst zuhause backen. Ob Zuckerguss, Streusel oder Schokoladenüberzug – beim. Donuts, die Teigkringel aus süssem Hefeteig, die frittiert werden, können mit verschiedensten Glasuren aromatisiert – und dekoriert – werden. Der Fantasie sind hierbei keine Grenzen gesetzt, wenn feine Mini-Donuts verziert werden.


Die Donuts für Backform sind schnell gemacht und schmecken sehr lecker. Dieses tolle Rezept kommt immer gut an. Der Fantasie sind hierbei keine Grenzen gesetzt, wenn feine Mini-Donuts verziert werden. Die Donuts sind ein tolles Dessert. Das Rezept eignet sich vor allem für Geburtstagsfeiern und begeistert Ihre Gäste. A kurma is a small, sweet, fried cube-shaped or rectangular doughnut which originated in Here India but is sold in Trinidad and Tobago. Check out our best glazed, jelly and powdered donuts! Unlike a doughnut, balushahi is dense. Doughnuts are often accompanied by coffee purchased at doughnut shops, convenience stores, petrol stations, cafes or fast food restaurants, but can also be paired with milk. Glazed Https:// Donuts. Sucrose is a simple carbohydrate whose structure is made Poker Taktiken of a glucose molecule bound to a fructose molecule.

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Sms Spiele Mit einem Durchmesser von 4,5 cm sind die Donuts genau in der richtigen Grösse für die kleinen, aber erlaubten süssen Sünden des Alltags. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Donuts mit Backpulver Ein tolles Donutrezept, wobei Backpulver verwendet wird und aufgrund der Zubereitung im Backofen, auch noch die gesündere Alternative ist. Der Donut ist, neben den Cookies, das wohl bekannteste amerikanische Süssgebäck. Um dies zu verhindern, habe eine Frau Namens Elizabeth Gregory anfang will Lotteriegewinne Versteuern not Die Glasur muss Wiesbaden Banken sein, aber trotzdem noch fliessen.
Donuts Hier gibt es auch Antworten auf häufige Fragen wie: Kann man frische Hefe durch Trockenhefe ersetzen? Jetzt Freunden weitersagen. Hauptsache, es schmeckt. Kilokalorien kcal 1.
It is this ability to attract both lipids and water that allow phospholipids such as lecithin to act as emulsifiers. He also traces its origins to the oliekoek that arrived in America with the Dutch settlers in the early 18th century. Retrieved on August 22, The sweet potato mash is shaped into rings this web page Lotto Teilsystem Auswertung. Because of the difficulties of providing freshly baked goods from huts established in abandoned buildings near the front lines, the two Salvation Army volunteers Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance came up with the idea of providing doughnuts. Cider doughnuts are a cake doughnut with apple cider in the batter. Funnel Cakes. Den Donut löchern Heue werden keine Nüsse mehr verwendet, um den Donut zu löchern. Das Mehl in eine Schüssel geben und in die Mitte eine Mulde drücken. Silviatempelmayr am Herausheben, auf Haushaltspapier abtropfen lassen. Bunte Donuts. Sie bilden eine Kreuzung aus Croissant und Donut. Auch der Zeitaufwand ist relativ gering - das warten braucht click the following article meiste Zeit :- Wir haben Schokoladenglasur darauf gegeben! Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig. Das ist toll zum mitnehmen.

Bacon and Egg Doughnuts. Healthier Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts. My Mom's Raised Doughnuts. Large, teardrop-shaped donuts are a popular treat when skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada.

By ERIN. These cake donuts are baked and then glazed lightly or covered in cinnamon-sugar. By RainbowJewels.

Glazed Yeast Doughnuts. Yeast doughnuts covered with glazed icing Easy and fun to make. By Sanah. Jelly Doughnuts. Make this sweet nutmeg-flavored yeast dough in your bread machine or stand mixer.

Then fill rounds of dough with your favorite jam, let them rise, and then fry them. Serve these doughnuts plain, sugared, or frosted.

By Charlie McHugh. French Crullers. Fried doughnuts glazed with a confectioners' sugar frosting.

By Kathy. Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts. Treat your family to donuts like the ones from your favorite shop, with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

By Kelly. Funnel Cakes IV. This recipe for homemade funnel cakes brings the deep-fried carnival treat home to you! By Tina.

Mom's Apple Fritters. My mom made these for us after school in the fall with the apples we'd pick and buy from a fruit farm.

They warm, crisp, and sweet, a perfect fall treat. By ABBY9. Plain Cake Doughnuts. A simple cake doughnut lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Coat with sugar and cinnamon, or a confectioners' sugar glaze. By Jennifer Long. Super Easy Doughnuts.

Really quick and easy donuts made from ingredients you probably already have. My 3 year old loves these because he can have them whenever he wants.

There's hardly any waiting time. Use any topping you want. Our favorite is powdered sugar! Grandma's Doughnuts. When you're hungry for doughnuts, but don't have the time to mix a dough, try this quick and tasty treat.

By Tiffany H. Fluffy Cake Doughnuts. A doughnut pan and a little time is all it takes to enjoy these easy doughnut-shaped muffins.

However, they can be filled with vanilla or chocolate cream. The shape is similar to doughnuts in Germany or Poland.

They are called Kobliha Koblihy in plural. They may be filled with nougat or with vanilla custard. There are now many fillings; cut in half [ clarification needed ] or non-filled knots with sugar and cinnamon on top.

In Denmark , U. McDonald's and most gas stations. The Berliner , however, is also available in bakeries.

It is sold cold and sometimes filled with jam like U. A ring doughnut is also known as donitsi. A savory form of doughnut is the meat doughnut in Finnish lihapiirakka , or literally meat pie.

Made from a doughnut mixture and deep fried, the end product is more akin to a savory doughnut than any pie known in the English-speaking world.

The French beignet , literally "bump", [72] is the French and New Orleans equivalent of a doughnut: a pastry made from deep-fried choux pastry.

In parts of Germany , the doughnut equivalents are called Berliner sg. In middle Germany, doughnuts are called Kreppel or Pfannkuchen.

A Berliner does not have the typical ring shape of a doughnut, but instead is solid and usually filled with jam, while a ring-shaped variant called Kameruner is common in Berlin and eastern Germany.

Today, U. It is often served with sprinkled cinnamon and grated walnuts or sesame seeds. The most commonly used ingredients are flour , yeast , butter , egg yolk , rum , salt , milk and oil for frying.

The dough is allowed to rise for approximately 30 minutes, resulting in an extremely light pastry. It is supposed [ by whom? Italian doughnuts include ciambelle , krapfen , zippuli and zeppole from Calabria , maritozzi and bomboloni from Tuscany , and frittelle from Veneto.

In Lithuania , a kind of doughnut called spurgos is widely known. In the Netherlands , oliebollen , referred to in cookbooks as "Dutch doughnuts", are a type of fritter, with or without raisins or currants , and usually sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Variations of the recipe contain slices of apple or other fruits. They are traditionally eaten as part of New Year celebrations.

In Norway, smultring is the prevailing type of doughnut traditionally sold in bakeries, shops, and stalls. However, U.

The Berliner is more common than U. In Poland and parts of the U. They are stuffed with chocolate, jam, cheese and other combinations and may be dusted with icing sugar.

Petersburg are a very popular sweet doughnut, with many fast and simple recipes available in Russian cookbooks for making them at home as a breakfast or coffee pastry.

In Slovenia , a jam-filled doughnut known as krofi , is very popular. It is the typical sweet during Carnival time, but is to be found in most bakeries during the whole year.

The most famous krofi come from the village of Trojane in central Slovenia, and are originally filled with apricot jam filling. In Spain , there are two different types of doughnuts.

The first one, simply called donuts , or more traditionally berlinesas , is a U. The second type of doughnut is a traditional pastry called rosquilla , made of fermented dough and fried or baked in an oven.

Rosaquillas were purportedly introduced in Spain by the Romans. In some regions they are considered a special pastry prepared only for Easter.

The churro is a sweet pastry of deep-fried dough similar to a doughnut but shaped as a long, thin, ribbed cylinder rather than a ring or sphere.

Churros are commonly served dusted in sugar as a snack or with a cup of hot chocolate. Similar to the Finnish munkki , the Swedish munk is a sweet doughnut commonly eaten as fika along with coffee.

It is sold cold and is sometimes filled with jam U. A ring doughnut is also known as simply munk. Pampushky are made of yeast dough containing wheat, rye or bukwheat flour.

Traditionally they are baked, but may also be fried. According to William Pokhlyobkin , the technology of making pampushky points to German cuisine, and these buns were possibly created by German colonists in Ukraine.

In some parts of Scotland , ring doughnuts are referred to as doughrings , with the 'doughnut' name being reserved exclusively for the nut-shaped variety.

Glazed, twisted rope-shaped doughnuts are known as yum-yums. It is also possible to buy fudge doughnuts in certain regions of Scotland.

Fillings include jam, custard, cream, sweet mincemeat, chocolate and apple. Common ring toppings are sprinkle-iced and chocolate.

In Northern Ireland , ring doughnuts are known as gravy rings , gravy being an archaic term for hot cooking oil. A kurma is a small, sweet, fried cube-shaped or rectangular doughnut which originated in Eastern India but is sold in Trinidad and Tobago.

A traditional Puntarenas cream-filled doughnut is round and robust, managing to keep the cream inside liquified.

They are popular in Costa Rica. The Mexican donas are similar to doughnuts, including the name; the dona is a fried-dough pastry -based snack , commonly covered with powdered brown sugar and cinnamon , white sugar or chocolate.

Frosted, glazed, powdered, Boston cream , coconut , sour cream , cinnamon, chocolate, and jelly are some of the varieties eaten in the United States and Canada.

Sweetening, filling, and fancy toppings are now so common that plain doughnuts are now commonly labeled and sold as "old fashioned".

There are also potato doughnuts sometimes referred to as spudnuts. Doughnuts are ubiquitous in the United States and can be found in most grocery stores, as well as in specialty doughnut shops.

A popular doughnut in Hawaii is the malasada. They are small eggy balls of yeast dough deep-fried and coated in sugar. Immigrants have brought various doughnut varieties to the United States.

To celebrate Fat Tuesday in eastern Pennsylvania , churches sell a potato starch doughnut called a Fastnacht or Fasnacht. The treats are so popular there that Fat Tuesday is often called Fastnacht Day.

In regions of the country where apples are widely grown, especially the Northeast and Midwest states, cider doughnuts are a harvest season specialty, especially at orchards open to tourists, where they can be served fresh.

Cider doughnuts are a cake doughnut with apple cider in the batter. The use of cider affects both the texture and flavor, resulting in a denser, moister product.

They are often coated with either granulated or powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. In Southern Louisiana, a popular variety of the doughnut is the beignet , a fried, square doughnut served traditionally with powdered sugar.

In Australia , the doughnut is a popular snack food. Jam doughnuts are particularly popular [83] and a unique aspect of Australian culture, especially in Melbourne , Victoria and the Queen Victoria Market , where they are a tradition.

Jam doughnuts are sometimes also bought frozen. In South Australia , they are known as Berliner or Kitchener and often served in cafes.

Popular variants include custard-filled doughnuts, and more recently Nutella -filled doughnuts. Mobile vans that serve doughnuts, traditional or jam, are often seen at spectator events, markets, carnivals and fetes, and by the roadside near high-traffic areas like airports and the carparks of large shopping centres.

Traditional cinnamon doughnuts are readily available in Australia from specialised retailers and convenience stores. Doughnuts are a popular choice for schools and other not-for-profit groups to cook and sell as a fundraiser.

In New Zealand, the doughnut is a popular food snack available in corner dairies. They are in the form of a long sweet bread roll with a deep cut down its long axis.

In this cut is placed a long dollop of sweetened clotted cream and on top of this is a spot of strawberry jam. Doughnuts are of two varieties: fresh cream or mock cream.

The rounded variety is widely available as well. In Brazil , bakeries, grocery stores and pastry shops sell ball-shaped doughnuts popularly known as "sonhos" lit.

The dessert was brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonizers that had contact with Dutch and German traders. They are the equivalent of nowadays "bolas de Berlim" lit.

They are made of a special type of bread filled with "goiabada" guava jelly or milk cream, and covered by white sugar.

Berlin plural Berlines doughnut is popular in Chile because of the large German community. It may be filled with jam or with manjar , the Chilean version of dulce de leche.

Peruvian cuisine includes picarones which are doughnut-shaped fritters made with a squash and sweet potato base.

These snacks are almost always served with a drizzle of sweet molasses-based sauce. The doughnut has made an appearance in popular culture, particularly in the United States and Australia.

References extend to objects or actions that are doughnut-shaped. Donut King is Australia's largest retailer of doughnuts.

A Guinness Book of Records largest doughnut made up of 90, individual doughnuts was set in Sydney in as part of a celebration for the release of The Simpsons Movie.

Per capita, Canadians consume the most doughnuts, and Canada has the most doughnut stores per capita. Within the United States, the Providence metropolitan area was cited as having the most doughnut shops per capita There is a race in Staunton, Illinois , featuring doughnuts, called Tour de Donut.

In the cartoon Mucha Lucha , there are four things that make up the code of mask wrestling: honor, family, tradition, and doughnuts.

Also, in the television sitcom The Simpsons , Homer Simpson 's love affair with doughnuts is a prominent ongoing joke as well as the focal point of more than a few episodes.

In movies, TV shows, and video games, police officers are depicted as enjoying doughnuts during their coffee break.

It is also parodied in the television series Twin Peaks , where the police station is always in large supply.

During a citywide "lockdown" after the Boston Marathon bombing , a handful of selected Dunkin' Donuts locations were ordered to remain open to serve police and first responders despite the closing of the vast majority of city businesses.

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Archived from the original on 21 December Archived from the original on 20 December US spelling is influencing users to spell programme as program, center for centre and donut for doughnut.

There are sparse instances of the "donut" spelling variation prior to WWII. For instance, it is mentioned in an LA Times article dated August 10, There, Bailey Millard complains about the decline of spelling, and that he "can't swallow the 'wel-dun donut' nor the everso'gud bred'.

Peck's bad boy and his pa. Stanton and Van Vliet. Steinberg Collection of Doughnut Ephemera, s— : "In , the company opened the first Mayflower doughnut shop in New York City; ultimately, 18 shops were opened across the country—the first retail doughnut San Francisco Chronicle.

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